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The world has changed due to the unbalance in mana, causing lakes to dry up, deserts to become iced over, earthquakes, storms of all kinds, and monsters acting strangely.
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 Sheelos[Zelos/Sheena]Fan-Fic, Tales of Symphonia

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PostSubject: Sheelos[Zelos/Sheena]Fan-Fic, Tales of Symphonia   Sun Nov 30, 2008 7:57 pm

A Turn of events between the Flirtatious Zelos and the determined Mizuho ninja Sheena.

The events of this story do not comprehend with the original Symphonia story line. This is Sheelos fan fic, Sheena and Zelos for those who don’t know. So for those of you who do not believe in this couple please just stop reading this and turn back around, I will not tolerate people arguing about different opinions of couples. It’s a free country.

Copyrights reserve to Tales of Symphonia, blah blah blah, you know the drill so let’s start this fan fic! –crowd cheers with excitement- Haha, all right~ so this story starts where Sheena sacrifices herself for Lloyd to rescue Colette. Please enjoy this heart-warming story. <3

The lost of Regal enraged Lloyd as the rest of the party dashed down the spiral passage. Lloyd’s frustration boiled over as he gritted his teeth violently as the party reaches a bridge that connected the room to the other side.

The female half-elf placed a hand upon the male’s shoulder trying to soothe his anger. “Lloyd, don’t let Regal’s sacrifice be for nothing. You must focus on our primary mission; saving Colette.”

“Yeah, Lloyd you mustn’t give up,” Genis agreed with his older sister Raine and motioned himself to the bridge, though not realizing of the remnants of a tree that suspended above. The branches and roots were coiled around the support beams of the bridge that kept in the air.

A branch twitched as the tree thrust a sharp root towards the half-elf and Lloyd.

“Whoa!” Lloyd managed to leap backwards and evade the attack while Genis was unaware until the last second.

“Genis! Look out!” Sheena replied as she swiftly snatched Genis away from the approaching assault. She managed to save Genis from the danger and shifted her attention to the remains of the giant tree.

The root penetrated the bridge as a fracture was formed from the tip.

“This thing won’t let us through!” Lloyd exclaimed in frustration as he growled under his breath.

Sheena’s eyes averted from Lloyd and the others to the tree. “Hang on!” Suddenly she recognized it. “This thing looks like leftovers from earlier.”

Lloyd motioned his body towards Sheena in astonishment. “You mean…one of the Giant Tree’s…”

“Yep, no doubt about it,” Sheena approached the remnants of the twist tree and gazed upon its features. She was slightly disturbed on how the tree pulsed with mana though she focused on the primary goal.

“How in the world are we going to get through?!” Genis demanded in anger as he stomped his right foot on the floor.

Raine calculated the time on how far they came and glanced up at the giant tree remnants. “At this rate, Colette will…”

“Just stand back and leave this to me!” Sheena demanded.

Raine was a bit unsettled, “But Sheena…all right never mind.” She replied as the others stood back and allowed Sheena to continue with her plan.

Sheena inhaled and exhaled deeply as her eyelids concealed her hazel eyes. “Disciple of everlasting ice!” She exclaimed as Celsius was summoned above her.

“Hammer of godly thunder,” Suddenly Volt was summoned above and the others were confused on what exactly Sheena intended on doing.

“Servant of Mother Earth,” Sheena then summoned the summon spirit of the Earth, Gnome.

“Envoy from the dark abyss.” Shadow then emerged in a cloud of darkness and appeared above Sheena. In a clockwise direction the spirits formed a complete circle. “I command thee! Gatherest before me and unleash thine power!”

The summon spirits then release their mana into Sheena as they were commanded.

“Whoa, what are you doing?” Lloyd was still baffled upon the plan Sheena intended on doing.

Sheena glanced over her shoulder at Lloyd and the others. “My impression of the Mana Cannon. Well it won’t be nearly was powerful, but it should be enough to take care of this thing,” She paused for a moment and averted her eyes back to the tree. “When I give the signal, run underneath it. Got it?”

“Understood,” Raine and Genis agreed on Sheena’s demand.

“All right. But what about you?” Lloyd was still uncomfortable with the situation.

Sheena sighed to herself as she positioned herself in a fighting stance. “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. Get ready, here we go!” Mana started to release from her hands and she thrust her palms towards the remnants of the tree. The beam of mana was released from her palms yet continued to build up in her hands. “Now!”

The others realized that Sheena had given them the signal and they hurriedly dashed across the bridge to the other side.

“HAAA!” Sheena exclaimed as she released the entire mana built up and hurled it towards the tree. The tree trembled from the enormous energy and collapsed upon the bridge that connected the room into the dark abyss.

“Sheena!” Genis exclaimed as he hurried over to the edge and his eyes widened.

Raine grasped Genis’s collar of his attire to prevent him from falling into the abyss. “Are you okay?” Raine replied in a hurried tone and glanced over at the other side of the room.

Sheena slowly rose to her feet as her chest heaved heavily from exhaustion, “…Yeah. I’m all right.”

Lloyd grinned from ear to ear in astonishment. “That was amazing!” He exclaimed, congratulating Sheena’s impression of the mana cannon.

“Phew. Just don’t ask me to do it again, okay?” Sheena replied with a soft tone as a weak smile appeared upon her lips. “Phew. That drained all my mana. I’m just going to rest for just a--”

Suddenly one of the branches from the tree emerged from the bottomless pit and grabbed Sheena, pulling her down into the abyss.

“Ahh!” Sheena exclaimed as she tried to grasp on a nearby root inside the abyss and felt her strength depleting, unable to keep her grasp on the root.

“Sheena!” Genis exclaimed as he couldn’t help but watch, he didn’t have enough mana to use Stalagmite to pull her to surface.

“Sheena! Hang on, I’ll…” Lloyd suddenly stopped and his eyes widened with confusion.

Sheena smiled weakly to herself and giggled happily.

“Why is Sheena laughing…?” Raine questioned.

“Wh…what’s wrong with you? Why are you laughing?” Lloyd also questioned on Sheena’s reason for laughing.

Sheena shook her head slightly and shifted her attention towards the others. “No. I was just remembering the time when we first met. It looks like I have a strong affinity for falling into holes.”

“Just hang on. I’ll be right there!” Lloyd responded.

Sheena shook her head in a refusing manner. “Don’t worry about me. Just hurry up and go rescue Colette.”

“This is not the time to act all tough!” Lloyd replied.

Sheena glanced away from the group and closed her eyes. “I’m not acting. It’s just like the last time when I climbed up from the bottom of that pit and I took you on,” She turned her head towards them. “And this time… I won’t miss the main event.”

Lloyd narrowed his eyes and sighed to himself. “You better be telling the truth.”

“Of course! You better leave me a piece of the action!” Sheena replied in a composed tone as she grunted.

“…Okay. I’ll be waiting for you, you got that?” Lloyd responded as he headed towards the exit with his half-elf companions by his side.

Sheena sighed to herself and lowered her head; her grip on the root began to loosen. “…I’m so stupid. Stubborn to the very end…,” She grunted as she felt the branch trying to pull her down. “I really need to start acting more feminine at times like this and let him rescue me,” Sheena chuckled weakly. “…Heh, that wouldn’t be my style, now, would it?”

Suddenly she released the branch and fell into the infinite darkness below. ‘Lloyd…good luck…’ Sheena closed her hazel eyes.

[Zelos and Sheena confrontation with Regal]

“Grave!” A familiar force announced as a crimson haired male appeared and stalagmites emerged from the walls of the abyss; it was Zelos. He leaped from spear to spear and managed to catch the damsel in his arms. “Don’t worry Sheena, I, the Great Zelos, gotcha,” He replied as he leaped towards the top.

Sheena smiled gently as she was caught only until she recognized the voice. A scowl crept upon her face and she lowered her head when she was set down. “Zelos… you bastard!” She exclaimed as she slapped the ‘savior’ brutally and her shoulders trembled. “Because of you… Colette is being used as Martel’s vessel for Yggdrasil. I fucking ha--”

“Sheena, it’s all right. Zelos intended this from the very beginning,” Regal’s voice announced as he appeared a foot away from the Mizuho ninja, interrupting her sentence.

Sheena shifted her attention towards Regal and her eyes widened. “But I saw you…How did you manage to?”

Regal glanced over to Zelos; who was trying to heal his cheek. “Like I said before, Zelos was the one who came to my aid.”

There was complete silence between the three and she averted her emotionless hazel eyes to Zelos.

“Sheena. Listen, I had to. It was in order for me to get this,” Zelos revealed a strange ring that nearly resembled the rings that were received from the summon spirits. “If Lloyd combines this with Dwarven arts, it will allow a human to wield the eternal sword.”

“It is as Zelos says, he planned everything out. Though it may have been irrational for his actions but I believe that none of us would have believed him in the beginning,” Regal tried to explain to Sheena.

Sheena approached Zelos and bent down towards him, she withdrew her hand attempting to smack him.

Zelos nearly flinched as he was prepared to get smack until he felt her gentle hand upon his cheek. He blinked for as he remained silent for the moment and smirked. “Aw, baby. You don’t have to thank me.”

Sheena’s hazel eyes were concealed by her brunette bangs until she withdrew her hand. “After all this…I’m going to kill you,” Her voice was harsh as she turned away from Zelos and walked away. “Let’s go you idiot,” Sheena demanded.

Zelos sighed depressingly as he watched Sheena walk away; his emerald eyes watched the sway of her curvy hips. He rose to his feet and approached Regal, “Hey Regal… I know what I do is uncalled for but… I’m in love with Sheena. The only reason for me--”

Regal turned away from Zelos and followed behind Sheena. “Zelos, you must follow your own heart. My advice is listening to what you feel towards Sheena. For now we must save Colette.”

Zelos nods in agreement and follows behind the two.


Listen, if you feel sadness, I'll cry together with you
Listen, if you show me that very happy face
I would want to give you a smile
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I'll bear the difficulties together with you
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Zelos Wilder


Number of posts : 334
Age : 26
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Humor : They flock to my beauty like birds.
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PostSubject: Re: Sheelos[Zelos/Sheena]Fan-Fic, Tales of Symphonia   Sun Nov 30, 2008 7:57 pm

[After the battle with Yggdrasil, arriving at Heimdall]

After the gruesome battle between the Cruxis leader Yggdrasil and the party, Zelos appeared to have the most bruises; the marks were from Sheena instead of Yggdrasil.

“Ow…Sheena, why?” Zelos whined as tears streamed down his face and looked over at the annoyed female.

Sheena had her back turned away from the perverted chosen of mana and didn’t respond.

Lloyd chuckled between the conflict of Sheena and Zelos. “You two are like a bitter old married couple!” He replied as the blonde chosen of mana approached him.

Sheena sighed depressingly as she realized that she was unable to fall in love with Lloyd since Colette had been with him since the very beginning.

“Lloyd, you must rest for tonight you’re about to fight your father,” Colette said in a worried tone as she cling to his right arm, gazing deeply into his eyes.

‘Lloyd… I…I’ Sheena was unable to contain her emotions as she was about to let out all emotions she had towards Lloyd. Suddenly, her hazel eyes watered as she heard the words ‘I love you’ being passed between Colette and Lloyd. As everyone else wandered around the elven village, Sheena slowly headed towards the inn.

“Sheena…” Zelos whispered as he watched the female ninja walk away. ‘I’m going to cheer her up tonight.’ There were no perverted thoughts in his mind as he thought of this and began to gather materials for his preparations for tonight.

[Night in Heimdall]

The day turned to night as Sheena was in her own cabin, she peered out of the window and noticed Colette approach Lloyd’s cabin. Tears pooled in her hazel eyes as she sighed depressingly. “It’s no use,” She murmured until she heard a knock on her door.

“Sheena, it’s me,” Zelos replied as he waited for the door to open.

Sheena gritted her teeth in frustration and stomped towards the door. “What?!”

His hands were behind his back as he slowly motioned his right arm away from his back. “Here.”

Her eyes widened as she noticed that Zelos had selected a variety of roses. “Zelos, wait, what do you want?” She growled under her breath, ‘this is obviously a trap for him to get something.’

“I just wanted to say sorry that things didn’t work out between you and Lloyd,” Zelos admitted as he was actually considerate for a change.

Sheena, still in disbelief glared at the male with anger but the bouquet was beautiful. “Um, thanks Zelos…”

There was a sudden pause between the two until Zelos finally spoke, “Sheena, would you want to go somewhere with me?”

‘Is he asking me out?’ Sheena thought to herself as she blushed faintly but was still suspicious of his motives. Yet at the same time she needed someone to talk to, even if it was Zelos. “Yeah fine, whatever.”

“Still harsh as ever, even when I ask politely,” Zelos chuckled weakly trying to make her laugh but there was no display of happiness from her.

The Mizuho ninja closed the cabin door behind her and followed Zelos as she continued to inhale the scent of the roses, “They’re beautiful,” Sheena replied as she couldn’t resist on how beautiful the bouquet.

“Just like you,” Zelos replied in a gentle tone.

A light pink blush stained Sheena’s cheeks and she turned away from Zelos. “…Shut up.”

Zelos noticed both Colette and Lloyd kissing across the river of Heimdall. “Uh, hurry Sheena,” He said and grabbed her petite hand with his gloveless hand.

“Zelos! Let go of--” Sheena suddenly noticed the romance between Lloyd and Colette. She remained silent and her hazel eyes narrowed to the ground below.

“Sheena,” Zelos felt Sheena’s finger lock with his and his sapphire eyes averted towards her hazel eyes.

Sheena slowly shifted her attention towards his sapphire orbs and her eyelids closed slightly. “Let’s go Zelos.”

Zelos slowly released Sheena’s hand from his and turned his body away from her. “No Sheena. Even if it means getting you on the ‘rebound’ isn’t that important to me. I want to be with you because…”

Sheena unexpectedly flung her slender arms around his left arm as she continued to hold the bouquet of roses.

“No Zelos, please, just take me where you wanted to go,” She replied. Anything would be fine, just away from where Lloyd and Colette were having their affair.

Zelos still felt as if he was just being used but deep down, it was better than nothing. He led Sheena towards the gates of Heimdall.

“Um…I forgot where I wanted to take you,” Zelos admitted.

Sheena parted her lips as she let out a content sigh and approached him. “You’re a lot of trouble y’know?” She actually chuckled at Zelos for once since they knew one another. Sheena’s thumb glide over his bottom lip feather like and pushed him playfully.

Zelos stumbled backwards as he fell on his bum and groaned. “Hey Sheena,” He whined as he shut his left eye.

“Come one,” Sheena extended her hand towards Zelos and lifted him to his feet. She revealed her cargo pack and her emerald rheaird emerged. Slowly, Sheena mounted herself on the seat of the rheaird. “Well Zelos, are you coming?”

Zelos placed his gloveless hand on the back of his head and ruffled his crimson hair, “Um, I forgot my rheaird.” He chuckled nervously.

‘Heh, figures.’ Sheena smiled gently to herself and motioned her arm towards the male. “Take my hand.”

Zelos hesitated for a moment as he slowly extended his hand towards her hand, connecting his palm with her hand. “Are you sure about with this?” He asked, still doubting that she strike him later on.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hit you,” Sheena replied as she slowly pulled Zelos on the rheaird and allowed his arms to coil around his waist. She placed her hand upon his gloveless arms and glanced over her shoulder. “And don’t expect that this to happen more often.”

Zelos chuckled as he leaned towards her right ear. “Are you sure?” He replied as he caressed her cheek feather-like and he smiled gently.

Sheena gasped slightly as her hazel eyes slowly narrowed and she allowed Zelos to stroke her cheek. She placed her hand on where Zelos touched her cheek and smiled gently.

The rheaird started to convert the mana from volt and the wings started to flap. The vehicle lifted from the ground as Sheena headed towards an unknown destination that no one knew besides Zelos and her.

“Where are we going?” Zelos asked.

Sheena smiled gently as she didn’t respond to him. Instead, she would allow him to figure out for himself.

For what seem liked an eternity, Zelos grasped on Sheena’s waist with affection and closed his eyes as he rested his chin gently on her slender shoulder.

The rheaird landed on a small island that appeared identical to the Isle of Decision from Mizuho. Instead there was a small isle that was near Ozette and Altessa’s house.

“This is the place where we met,” Zelos replied as he released Sheena and landed on the ground safely.

Sheena smiled as she followed behind Zelos and suddenly flung her arms around his waist. She placed her cheek on his back and closed her hazel eyes. “Zelos… When I met you, you were so beautiful. Yet your perverted attitude pissed me off.”

Zelos chuckled to himself and relaxed in her slender arms. “Sheena, the only reason I act the way I do is because I don’t want you to see my true feelings towards you.”

Sheena spun him around and placed her hands upon his cheeks and caressed his face gently with the tips of her fingers, “Zelos, if you were just honest with me. Then this could have happened earlier.”

Zelos enjoyed Sheena’s tender stroke on his porcelain skin and slowly wrapped his arms around her waist.

Sheena playfully squirmed out of his grasp and backed away from Zelos teasingly, “I’m not going to let you have anything that easily,” she winked playfully and giggled to herself.

Zelos chuckled happily as he smirked to himself, “Now, now, my voluptuous hunny, I’m going to get ya,” he said and chased after her.

Sheena started to dodge Zelos gracefully as the moonlight beamed on the two and it appeared to for hours. Suddenly Sheena stopped as she saw her village of Mizuho from afar and narrowed her eyes to the ground.

“Gotcha!” Zelos exclaimed.

Sheena remained motionless as she slowly shifted her attention and responded late. “Hehe, you got me.”

Zelos placed his bare hand under Sheena’s chin and turned her head towards him, “What’s wrong?”

A gloomy sigh escaped her lips as she slowly perched herself on a small boulder near the edge of the isle, “Zelos, I’m worried for the people of Mizuho. What if we don’t win?” She answered as her voice started to break and her shoulders trembled.

Zelos narrowed his sapphire orbs to the water and his hand rested on Sheena’s bare hand. “Trust me Sheena, we will win. I promise,” Zelos answered as he tried to calm her down.

“But, who will assist us in our aid to move?” Sheena asked.

Zelos slowly jumped to his feet and posed in a triumphant pose. “I, the Great Zelos, shall help you.”

“Conceded much?” Sheena’s left eye twitched as she pulled on the brim of his shirt, telling him to sit next to her. “Thank you Zelos.”

He smiled gently as he slowly placed his bum on the ground and his arms enclosed on Sheena’s slender hips. “Anything for you,” He spoke gently in her ear and placed his lips on her the smooth skin of her cheek.

Sheena squirmed around in his grasp, trying to find a suitable position and her lips parted as she closed her eyelids.

Zelos noticed the invitation to kiss her lush lips and his natural instincts took over as he pressed his lips against her.

A soft moan emitted from her throat as she returned the kiss, which lasted for an eternity. Hours passed as Zelos and Sheena continued their kiss until they abruptly stopped, trying to catch their breaths.

“Amazing,” Sheena replied with a gentle smile and opened her hazel eyes slightly.

“Yeah, I know I am,” Zelos replied in a conceded tone.

Sheena playfully slapped Zelos across the face and caressed his cheek where she slapped him.

Zelos massaged Sheena’s inner thighs gently as he slowly kissed her neck.

“Zelos, stop that tickles,” Sheena giggled and tried to pull his hands away.

He chuckled softly and he tilted his head to the side. “You don’t want me to do that?”

Sheena averted her eyes and her entire face flushed. “Um, not too soon, okay?”

Normally, Zelos would have whined and tried to get his way but he didn’t want to force Sheena into anything. “Okay my precious ninja hun, I’ll stop,” He replied in a gentle tone.

Sheena slowly placed herself on his lap and placed her hands behind Zelos neck, pulling him closer to her.

Zelos enclosed his arms around Sheena’s waist and pressed his lips on her lush lips, kissing her once more; with more passion.

Hours flew by once again until dawn peered beyond the horizon.

The two suddenly stopped and realized that morning was here; they had to hurry back to Heimdall.
“Zelos, we have to hurry so Lloyd can face against Kratos,” Sheena replied as she broke the kiss.

Zelos nods in agreement as he released his grasp around Sheena’s waist. “Lloyd is going to say something smart if we don’t get there before they wake up.”

Sheena chuckled as she imagined Lloyd’s reaction and blushed on the scenarios of what he might say.

“I’ll take us back to Heimdall Sheena alright?” Zelos replied and headed towards the rheaird as he sat on the seat of the vehicle.

Sheena slowly positioned herself behind Zelos and wrapped her arms around his waist. She placed her head on his sturdy back and closed her eyes; she didn’t care what the others thought about her relation with Zelos.

The only thing that mattered now was saving the worlds and her new life with Zelos, and for Zelos vice-versa.

The rheaird soared into the sky as the two headed back to Heimdall, for their final act in restoring the worlds.


Listen, if you feel sadness, I'll cry together with you
Listen, if you show me that very happy face
I would want to give you a smile
Listen, if you get lost in your way
I'll bear the difficulties together with you
And then what I can do
Is what's most important
The words of "I love you"
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Sheelos[Zelos/Sheena]Fan-Fic, Tales of Symphonia
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