Tales of Exile

The world has changed due to the unbalance in mana, causing lakes to dry up, deserts to become iced over, earthquakes, storms of all kinds, and monsters acting strangely.
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 TOS-Colette Brunel[Taken]

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PostSubject: TOS-Colette Brunel[Taken]   Sun Dec 07, 2008 5:07 pm

Age: 16 years old
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 44 kg
Colette is the current generation's Chosen One and Lloyd's childhood friend. Although this soft-spoken gal is a bit of a klutz, she is strong-willed and responsible, even given the fact that she bears the world's burdens on her shoulders. She seeks not protection from others and won't hesitate to sacrifice herself for the sake of the world, making her somewhat unselfish and daring.

Collet uses her two chakram(metal rings) in melee battle, making her quite the unique Tales heroine.


Ray Thrust
Throw a powerful chakram at the enemy.

Dual Ray Thrust
Throw two powerful chakrams at the enemy.

Triple Ray Thrust
Throw multiple chakrams at the enemy.

Ray Satellite
Holy a chakram in orbit.

Triple Ray Satellite
Hold multiple chakrams in orbit.

Pow Hammer
Throw a hammer at the enemy.

Pow Pow Hammer
Throw multiple hammers at the enemy.

Hammer Rain TP: 30
Hammers fall from the sky like rain.

Para Ball
Lightning strikes when it makes contact with the enemy.

Torrential Para Ball
Multiple para balls strike the enemy with lightning.

Ring Whirlwind
Spinning attack using chakrams in each hand

Ring Cyclone TP: 22
Multiple spinning attack using chakrams in each hand.

Whirlwind Rush TP: 22
Repeatedly attack the enemy in front and then spin attack.

Item Thief
A chance of stealing an item from the target.

Item Rover
A chance of stealing an item and gald from the target.

Grand Chariot
Throw chakrams in a cross, causing lightning to strike.

Stardust Cross
Multiple stars fall from overhead.

Damage Guard
Defend against most attacks and magic.

Angel Feather
Rings of light appear and attack the enemy.

Holy Song
Increases defense and offense of the entire party for a time.

Attack all enemies and heal all members in exchange for your life.

Attack all enemies with the light of Judgement.

Toss Hammer
Pow Hammer has a random chance of turning into Toss Hammer and poisoning the enemy.

Ice Hammer
Use Pow Hammer with an ice-elemental weapon.

Holy Judgement
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TOS-Colette Brunel[Taken]
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