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The world has changed due to the unbalance in mana, causing lakes to dry up, deserts to become iced over, earthquakes, storms of all kinds, and monsters acting strangely.
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 TOS-Genis Sage[NPC]

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PostSubject: TOS-Genis Sage[NPC]   Sun Dec 07, 2008 5:10 pm

Age: 13 years old
Height: 141 cm
Weight: 29 kg

Genis is the Lloyd's best friend and Raine's younger brother. He is the smartest in school and is a very talented spellcaster, but this may be the reason why he sometimes look down on others (but caring to the elderly). He and his older sister are half-elves, although they initially pass themselves as elfs to avoid prejudice. He is also a great cook, in contrast to that of his sister's terrible cooking.

Genis uses a kendama in battle.


Aqua Edge
Create a small stream and slash with its water pressure.

Unleash compressed water upwards.

Tida Wave
A great flood that attacks all enemies in its path.

Aqua Laser
A high-pressure stream pierces all enemies in its sight.

Fire Ball
Unleash 3 fireballs upon the target.

Lava surrounds the target.

A huge ball of fire falls and causes a huge explosion.

Flame Lance
A spear of flame falls from the sky, causing an explosion.

Wind Blade
Create blades of wind around the target.

Air Thrust
Blades of wind surround and slice the target.

Create a cyclone around the target.

Air Blade
Compressed air slices through the enemy.

Stone Blast
Raise stones beneath the target.

Raise sharp rocks and pierce the target.

Ground Dasher
Call upon the destructive energy of the earth.

Raise spears of rock and pierce the target.

Create a bolt of lightning to strike the target.

Thunder Blade
Thrust a sword of thunder and create lightning.

Drop the lightning of god around the target.

Spark Wave
Create an area of charged energy.

Raise icicles beneath the target.

Ice Tornado
Engulf the target in a storm of ice.

Freeze Lancer
Pummel the target with numerous lances of ice.

Raging Mist
Create a hot mist around the enemy.

Gravity Well
Create a heavy gravity space around the target.

Spiral Flare
A spiral of flame attacks the enemy.

Thunder Arrow
Create 3 balls of lightning around the target.

Dreaded Wave

Envelop the target with wind.

Deep-freeze the target to extremely low temperatures.

Earth Bite
Fangs of the earth crush the enemy.

Prism Sword
Holy prism swords blessed by light fall from the sky.

Meteor Storm
Call upon a meteor shower.

Force Field
Defend against most attacks and magic.

Indignation Judgement
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TOS-Genis Sage[NPC]
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