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The world has changed due to the unbalance in mana, causing lakes to dry up, deserts to become iced over, earthquakes, storms of all kinds, and monsters acting strangely.
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 TOS-Regal Bryant

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PostSubject: TOS-Regal Bryant   Sun Dec 07, 2008 5:39 pm

Age: 33 years old
Height: 189 cm
Weight: 85 kg

Regal is a prisoner hired to capture the Chosen of Sylvarant under orders of the Pope. For a prisoner, he behaves with the dignity of a gentleman. Though quiet and grim in appearance, his manner of speaking highly denotes such with his thought-out words of wisdom. He joins the party upon seeing Presea, whom she may or may not have a connection with in the past. He never removes his shackles for some reason. Despite that handicap he is a very skillful fighter with a bit of healing magic, using only his legs armed with greaves in battle. It is quite possible that he is much, much stronger if he doesn't handicap himself too much...

He uses his arms and legs in battle.


Crescent Moon
A spinning kick that can be linked to a midair attack.

Spin Kick
A roundhouse kick that is linkable to an anti-air attack.

Triple Kick
Three consecutive roundhouse kicks.

Triple Kick followed by a low kick, ending with an upward kick.

Swallow Kick
A powerful upward attack.

Swallow Dance
Multiple upward roundhouse kicks.

Dragon Dance
Swallow Kick folled by a midair kick and an upward kick.

Eagle Dive
A rapid descent that is linkable to ground or anti-air attacks.

Eagle Rage
A rapid descent with force in the legs.

Eagle Fall
Shockwave created by a rapid descent with force in the legs.

Rising Dragon
Unleash a direct upward kick.

Dragon Fury
Kick the enemy up veritcally with a mid-air kick.

Dragon Rage
A low kick and finish with a direct upward kick.

Heaven's Charge
Sneak up on the enemy and blow the enemy away.

Heal a party member

Chi Healer
Heal a party member.

Grand Healer
Substantially heal a party member (proportional to the distance).

Crescent Dark Moon
Multiple roundhouse kicks that link to Crescent Moon.

Triple Rage Kick
A jump kick that links to Triple Kick.

Aneak up on the enemy from behind.

Defend against most attacks and magic.

Super Swallow Dance
Use Swallow Dance with a wind-elemental weapon.
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TOS-Regal Bryant
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