Tales of Exile

The world has changed due to the unbalance in mana, causing lakes to dry up, deserts to become iced over, earthquakes, storms of all kinds, and monsters acting strangely.
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 Night in Altamira

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PostSubject: Night in Altamira   Mon Dec 08, 2008 3:06 pm

Silence hushed the night, not a creature was stirring. Suddenly, a female emerged from the Lezareno Hotel in search for her missing item; her bag full of gald. She scurried in search as she became frightened of the silent night and noticed her bag near a lawn chair on the shores of the beach. "There it is," she replied softly as she kneeled down to pick it up. Deep down, she despised the chosen of Sylvarant and went to Altamira to forget everything.

A silhouette of a hand emerged from the brush and grasped her entire head in its palm. Her muffled cries screamed against the palm until she faintly lost her strength and a female with pallid skin emerged from the brush. "Oh look, I found your purse," The eerie female chuckled tenderly as she carried the unconscious woman into the darkness, leaving signs of a struggle within the sand.
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Night in Altamira
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