Tales of Exile

The world has changed due to the unbalance in mana, causing lakes to dry up, deserts to become iced over, earthquakes, storms of all kinds, and monsters acting strangely.
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 Palmacosta Disaster

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Genis Sage

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PostSubject: Palmacosta Disaster   Wed Dec 10, 2008 11:34 am

Genis entered the docks of Palmacosta after parting ways with his older sister. He intended on speaking with the Palmacosta Governor-General until he noticed the crimson puddles of blood on the floor. His cobalt eyes widened with fear as he hurriedly dashed towards a dying soldier. "What happened, who did this?!" he exclaimed as he knelt down towards the soldier.

"Lloyd Irving....attacked us...." The dying soldier replied withi his dying breath and fell into an eternal slumber; death. Genis lost his voice for a split second and his shoulders started to trembled from hearing his best friend being responsible for this.

Genis dashed towards the Martel Cathedral as he noticed a few survivors. The Church of Martel has proclaimed that Lloyd was responsible for the Blood Purge of Palmacosta. Genis was in disbelief as he ran away from the city, trying to locate Lloyd and discuss the situation.
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Palmacosta Disaster
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