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The world has changed due to the unbalance in mana, causing lakes to dry up, deserts to become iced over, earthquakes, storms of all kinds, and monsters acting strangely.
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 Search for the Devil's Arms[Locations Unknown for now]

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PostSubject: Search for the Devil's Arms[Locations Unknown for now]   Wed Dec 10, 2008 3:05 pm

Devil's Arms are cursed weapons that seem to have a mind of their own. When one wields a Devil's Arm, it almost seems as if the weapon is speaking to the wielder's mind, seducing the wielder to succumb to evil. As such, the Devil's Arms are incredibly dangerous, capable of turning saints into demons. Only the strongest minded people can ignore the voices of the weapons. Even after death, the wielders will resurrect from the grave, to keep their Devil's Arm away from others.Whether this is the dead's way of keeping the Devil's Arms to themselves, or to prevent other victims such as themselves from succumbing to the same fate, is uncertain.

Twin Swords: Nebilim (in no one's possession)
The Nebilim is two blades one gold and one purple. The gold blade has teeth one it's handle and the purple wiggles around.

Axe: Diablos (in no one's possession)
The Diablos is spiral light purple axe with a crimson handle.

Sword: Soul Eater (in no one's possession)
The Souleater is a silver sword with black and crimson designs in the middle.

Dagger: Fafnir (in no one's possession)
The Fafnir is crimson dagger with light brown as the handle color.

Staff: Heart of Chaos (in no one's possession)
The Heart of Chaos is a dark blue staff with a crimson orb on the top.

Tarot Cards: Gates of Hell (in no one's possession)
The Gates of Hell is a goldish color tarot cardwith a Raven designed in standing in the middle.

Chakrams: Evil Eye (in no one's possession)
The Evil Eye is a green and purple Chakram with a red eye in the middle.

Kendama: Disaster (in no one's possession)
The Disaster is a green thorn Kendama with a crimson blood ball hanging on the string.

Leg Guards: Apocalypse (in no one's possession)
The Apocalypse is goldish gleaves with black and red desgins in the middle.
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Search for the Devil's Arms[Locations Unknown for now]
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